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Parker - "Ganghis Khan"

VideostheneedledropComment Parker (a.k.a. Dumbfoundead) put out a new album last year called Old Boy Jon that you should totally check out if you want to hear one of alternative hip hop's most charismatic and forceful voices. The LP's penultimate track and highlight, "Ganghis Khan," recently received a video and it's properly bonkers. Parker et al.'s performances are off-the-wall and are aided by hilarious VFX courtesy of David Wright-Spaner. Strap yourself in, press play and enjoy!

Aaron Dilloway - Opened Door

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LA noise musician Aaron Dilloway (formerly of Wolf Eyes) is back with a proper follow-up tape to his 2012 tape-loop epic, Modern Jester. Opened Door clocks in at just under 20 minutes, and its A-side might just be the most rhythmic thing Dilloway's done to date. It actually has a discernible beat, and it oddly resembles Burial's nocturnal two-step garage esthetic. The B-side is what one might expect from Dilloway--an eerie, formless tape-loop soundscape--but even then, it's alarmingly mellow by his standards. Give it a listen above!

Opened Door will be released on September 1 via Chondritic Sound.

Shigeto - Lost Tracks

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LA beatsmith Shigeto's computer was stolen a year ago in NYC, along with "an album's worth of material." He was eventually able to recover these two songs: "What U Really Wanted" and "R Life." They both feature MC Kadence and LO5, providing vocal accompaniment. Shigeto seems to have evolved his style, adding a pop edge that was previously absent. The first song makes melancholic soul music out of samples of key jingling and vocals with actual lyrics, while the second song combines organ noodling and impressive drum programming into the closest Shigeto has ever gotten to dance music. Now if only the rest of the album wasn't lost to someone who bought a Macbook that "fell off the truck" at a flea market in White Plains.


Fatal Jamz- "Scorpion Chain"


A video from Los Angeles' Fatal Jamz for the fast-rockin' "Scorpion Chain," which sounds like an interesting cross between the modern and messy punk energy of Jay Reatard with the over-the-top presentation of glam.

Jamz has a debut album coming out on Burger Records and Gnar Tapes in November. Also, while you're at it, check out a project that was also fronted by Fatal Jamz's Marion Belle named Bowery Beasts on Bandcamp.