The Needle Drop

Ep. 57: How To Get Into Death Grips ft. Dominick Rabrun


In this episode of the TND Podcast, my guest is illustrator, animator, and fellow Death Grips fanatic Dominick Rabrun. He and I have a lengthy discussion about how exactly to get into Death Grips' music. How exactly to enjoy the experimental hip hop trio's music has become a frequently asked question over the years, so I figured I'd try my best to tackle it in-depth with this podcast episode.

Ep. 52: Pyrocynical & NFKRZ


On this episode of the podcast, I give Pyrocynical a platform to defend himself. 

Nah, just kidding! However, I do converse with him and NFKRZ, who are two content creators in the growing community of "commentary" channels on YouTube. We talk drama, Leafy clones, Keemstar, YouTube, memes, and more.