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Kindness- "That's Alright" (Loved)

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Kindness is the musical project of Mr. Adam Bainbridge, a producer who hasn't really been heard from since dropping a cover for the Replacements tune "Swinging Party" in '09 on Moshi Moshi Records.

Out of nowhere, Bainbridge is back with a set of tunes that embrace the new wave, electro funk, and synth pop sensibilities of the 1980s. The guy seems to be equal parts Prince, David Byrne, and Ariel Pink, too.

Though the style of music the above track indulges in has been announced dead long ago--and nearly every artist looking to revive it has been met with some cynicism--the composition of this song is what hits me hardest. The opening horn and synth interlude is stunning. It's chilling. It sets an epic tone for what's ultimately just a pop tune, but first impressions are everything.

Kindness' new album is titled World, You Need a Change of Mind.