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Zelooperz - "Saggin" (Premiere)

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Previously mentioned Bruiser Brigade MC Zelooperz has been dropping new tracks here and there for the past few months, and they've been nothing short of wild. It's not his flow, but his over-the-top vocal delivery that's gonna catch your attention. Well, that and his near-nonsensical lyrics--"bodybuilder like a bolder" what?

The dude hasn't even dropped his new project yet and he's already close to matching the most insane moments from Old Dirty Bastard's sophomore album, which we all know is a benchmark for insanity in hip hop.

Zeloopers next tape is titled HELP, and it's dropping soon.

Photo credit: Max Hoagland!

ZelooperZ - "Can't Hang"

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The previously mentioned Bruiser Brigade MC Zelooperz strikes again with a new track titled "Can't Hang." The dude continues to bring an over-the-top delivery, eccentric lyrics, and an animalistic flow that even Zelooperz himself seems like he's hardly got a hold of. Oh, let's not forget to mention the B-A-N-G-E-R beat on this thing. Damn!

From what I understand, this dude's got a tape on the way titled HELP, and I can't wait for it right now. My brain is about to explode from the suspense.

ZelooperZ - "Plateau"

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Detroit rapper and Bruiser Brigade member Zelooperz drops one of the most hyped rap songs of 2014. Not only is the energy on this thing high, but the lines are absolutely ridiculous with bars like this:

"Rappin' 'bout being' broke got me ballin' in the future." "They don't call me that negro just because my knees grow."

What planet is this dude on? He's nuts. Anyway, the absurdity of 'Looperz delivery is a great match with the gurgling electronics in the instrumental here, too. There's no strong hook or anything like that; it's just one insane verse after another, and I'm completely fine with that. Enjoy!