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Trap Them- Darker Handcraft

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Trap Them's third album won't be a shock if you've heard their earlier work, but they have inched once more toward a unified sound. With Kurt Ballou at the controls again, the band has built a torturous gauntlet of twelve pounding tracks. They've got the intensity of Converge, plenty of d-beat rhythms, and a buzzsaw guitar tone that recalls early Entombed. The band really does have a lot going for them. They might drown in their influences a bit, but they're carving a pretty nice niche for themselves in a pretty established sound. The stronger songwriting this time around is partially to blame. Not only has this band gotten a bit louder, but they're a lot more memorable, too. Though I wasn't in love with the whole album, "the Facts" will still be stuck in my head come December.

If you're into metal and loud rock, it's worth a visit.