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Moonface- "Teary Eyes and Bloody Lips"

New MusicNicholas KindrachukComment

Singer-songwriter Spencer Krug, a man known for his eccentric and drawn-out tunes in bands like Wolf Parade and Sunset Rubdown, has released a new track with his more experimental side project, Moonface. A new album has been announced. The title: Heartbreaking Bravery. It's a collaboration with the band Siinai, and is set to release April 17 on Jagjaguwar.

Siinai is a band that hails from Finland and accompanied Wolf Parade on a tour back in 2009. The song they’ve put out abandons the focus on specific instruments like the previous Moonface releases did with the marimba and organ. This creates a sound that fans of Wolf Parades more pop focused songs should be accustomed to. Krug's lyrics and vocal delivery are as mysterious and abstract as you would expect. This could end up being the album fans have been waiting to hear since the Wolf Parade hiatus was announced.