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Blur- "The Puritan" & "Under the Westway"

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There's no question about it: Blur is back! While it may be a while before Damon Albarn works to release another Gorillaz album, it's great that he's diversifying his repertoire with a solo album, production on that Bobby Womack album, and now these new tracks that are set for a 7" release in August.

Album titles and release dates aren't being discussed yet, but hopefully that's coming soon.

To talk about the two tracks individually, "the Puritan" has a quirky, fun beat that I'm sure most people are going to directly link to a Gorillaz tune or two. The fat, bouncy synths are a playful addition to the track, and Albarn's personality on the song is captivating as usual. "Under the Westway" is the show-stopping, though. A beautiful piano ballad that's structured in the same way more great piano ballads are structured. While Albarn and co. aren't afraid to wear their influences on their sleeves with this track, the track goes over well with some very dramatic choruses. I'd love to hear where these guys take it after this.