The Needle Drop

Debo Band- Self-Titled

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Funk, jazz, and pop all come together with an Ethiopian edge on the Debo Band's self-titled debut for Sub Pop Records. Now, I know I listen to a lotta music, but the music of Ethiopia isn't exactly my area of expertise, ya know? I'm not about to walk in and pretend I know the lay of the land here. However, I'd say that that the songs on this record could be easily enjoyed by those who already have a love for afrobeat music or even jazz fusion. While there do seem to be improvisational spots performed by very strong players on this record, it's really about the grooves here. And what odd grooves they are! Debo Band isn't afraid to do it in an odd time, and really give it energy and momentum. Some moment on here get extremely layered and noisy, creating a psychedelic swirl of sour horn wails and guitar noodling. With frontman Bruck Tesfaye's vocals laid on top, these guys showcase a lotta fire.