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Ty Segall- "The Hill"

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I think there's more than one Ty Segall walking the planet right now or something, because the California garage rocker is about to drop his third--yes, third--project this year.

His previous two releases were great, rowdy rock records, and it'll be exciting to see if he can keep the consistency up with this new solo album titled Twins, which is looking at an October release, I believe, via Drag City records.

"The Hill" is the first song to come from the album, and it'll have a 7" release on September 4th. The track has a surprisingly soft intro, featuring a pleasant female chorus that sets the stage for some really distorted and abrasive guitar chords. It's a blazingly loud piece of psych rock that references the past while sounding new enough to be interesting. Good move, Ty, good move.