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Bonobo - "Cirrus"

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Electronic music producer Bonobo drops a new track titled "Cirrus," and beefs it up with some oddly edited visuals via the video above. The dude's got a new LP dropping on Ninja Tune at the start of April, and the title of that will be the North Borders.

If you're yet to check out this dude's album Black Sands, do yourself a favor and subject yourself to the pretty, textured instrumentals all over that smooth, smooth monster. I'm pretty excited to see where the music moves next after hearing some of the awe-inspiring and metallic sounds all over this new track. It's got a sweet real-world quality to it that I love, which keeps it from feeling robotic, but there's also a meticulous layer of detail hidden in the rhythms and progressions here that can't be ignored. All-around great track.