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Zs- "Corps"

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Hypnotic: a term used too often to describe anything slightly disorienting. Repetition: often overemphasized by writers to manufacture effect that isn't there.

Jolting: applied to the softest of transitions.

Impressionistic: used to delineate music that barely hints at being allusive.

With Zs however, bold descriptors often apply simply because their music is doing bold things. This group boils musical ideas to their purest and most elemental forms before stacking another idea onto the fold. To employ so many strong musical expressions in the span of twelve minutes, lapsing into and out of focus yet maintaining a cohesive thought throughout is undoubtedly impressive. Free jazz, blues, industrial, and many more forms of music, some that I probably can't even name, meld into each other here. "Corps" can be found on Zs' upcoming album Xe, which was recorded in one sitting and is sure to contain similar experimentation.

-Garrett Cottingham