The Needle Drop

It Came from Bandcamp: September 2015 [NSFW/L]

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As promised, it's only further downhill from here. Turn back if you've not built up a tolerance for dank and edgy memes.

The guys over at The Abortion Collective (Lamar the Dragon Dildo & Yellow Moon) really are vanguards of music that is complete shit. Kudos!

Presenting the sleaziest in vaporwave technology.

Don't neglect to open up the lyrics to get the full story of Wangu and his polar bear pal.

Bless the Self Loathing Lads for responding to our anguished cries of "WHAT DOES IT MEME?! WHAT DOES IT MEME?! I HAD A MEME! WHAT DOES IT MEME?!  WHAT DOES IT MEME?! WHAT DOES IT ALL MEME?!"

That face says it all. Whoever made this must have felt true pain, as shall the listener.

Well, that sure was a wretched experience. But it's good to have one of those every now and then, so we'll be back to bring you another next month. In the meantime we can only imagine what other abominations will be lying in wait for us...on Bandcamp.