The Needle Drop

Sleeping Bag- "Ben" (Live)


Indiana’s Sleeping Bag will release its self-titled debut in August via Joyful Noise. The true simplicity of this trio is defined by their stripped down melodies, laid back vocals, jagged guitars, and kick-snare beats.

The track "Ben" frames a picture that reflects good times of days past, but asks serious questions about religion and life at the same time. This gentle garage rock approach is the perfect combination of closet pop and the warmth of the sun. So, rest easy, and take comfort here.

This live session of the band performing "Ben" doesn't come with much information for views--it actually has 160 views as I'm writing this. But the cheesy smiles and the D.I.Y. set design are just too fun not to share.

Click here to hear an audio review of the track, too.