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Death Grips- "The Fever (Aye Aye)" (LOVED)

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On the fourth track Death Grips has released from its forthcoming album, the Money Store, MC Ride and company continue to build a musical empire on the morbid and abrasive noise hop foundation laid out on last year's Exmilitary.

Drummer Zach Hill's beats hit hard, featuring some subtle bass drums that are diddling away with fantastic precision. The synths toward the introduction of the track sound like the chopped and looped sample of a space ship engine revving up. The synths change toward the hook, though, sliding a catchy melody into the mix among all the chaos.

Ride's lyrics deal in the kind of imagery only a horrorcore rapper would touch: blood. execution, plague. However, he and Death Grips sidestep that kind of label thanks to the group's extreme sound. Ride's trademark screamed flow gives these words the extreme touch they need to strike fear. Even after acclimating myself to the Death Grips aesthetic with numerous listens, there's still something about the group's music that puts me on edge. It's as if putting a Death Grips track on is the equivalent to hearing blood-curdling screams and gunshots outside my window.

As usual, Ride's flow and Hill's grooves make a deadly combo. Considering how great the material released thus far from this album has been, I can't imagine the forthcoming the Money Store failing to please on at least some level.