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The Young Maths- "ERRORRS"

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The Young Maths is a group I've covered before on the this blog, back when they were much younger maths.

Thus far, the group has released a couple EPs that would lead me to believe it's still searching for a sound. Young Maths execute various styles of indie rock really well--I mean, just compare "Daughters and Cents" to "Fingered On the Dance Floor"--but the band is yet to really pick an idea, get out some shovels, and start digging for something a little more definitive.

That might be what happens on the band's forthcoming full-length album. I've been allowed to preview two tracks from it so far, one of which is the title track streaming above, and there's no doubt that these guys are experimenting far beyond previous efforts.

On "ERRORRS," a drum and bass guitar that could have opened up a Q and Not U song give way to some wailing guitars and blistering horns. Usually, horns are brought in to add some semblance of harmony, but they only bring more chaos in this case. It sounds like a ska band practice gone terribly, terribly wrong. Of course, I mean that in the most complementary way possible.

Maybe I'd even say it's a 2011 take on Teenage Jesus & the Jerks.

The vocals are absolutely enthralling. They function on energy more than musicality, and throw one more element of intensity on top of what's already a bonfire of instrumentation. If this is the path Youth Maths is walking down, I'm following.

We'll keep you posted on when ERRORRS will drop. In the meantime, stream the title track above over and over.