The Needle Drop

Miracle- "The Visitor"


Here's some catchy, smooth electronic pop music from two guys I'd never expect to create catchy, smooth electronic pop music.

The project is Miracle, and the musicians involved are Zombi's Steve Moore and Daniel O'Sullivan of Mothlite, Guapo, and, most recently, Ulver. Between the two of these guys, there's easily an entire lifetime of creating experimental music, which is why Miracle's direction is so surprising. Of course, Steve Moore has dabbled in stuff like this before under the name Lovelock, but it doesn't the sound of Miracle any less surprising for me.

Well, as far as this track goes, Steve Moore's usual synthesizer timbre's are pretty apparent, but they're executed in a different way for this particular project. The vocals are moody, dark, and grow on me with every new listen. The "chk-ah-chk-ah" mouth noises are a nice touch, too!

I was in the mood for something dark, and this hit the spot. Find the new Miracle EP now on House Anxiety Recs.