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1 Minute Miracles- Death Grips Remixes: Parte Deux

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Back in October, 1 Minute Miracles took up Death Grips on its offer to remix any number of tracks on Exmilitary.

Nearly every track on the album has been remixed by 1 Minute Miracles via a two-part series of short reinventions that segue into one another pretty nicely. The first was dropped via SoundCloud, but the second was initially offered on Greetings, which was as short run of home-burned CDs sent to 1 Minute Miracles fans in greeting cards.

The second half of the Death Grips remixes located on this CD is streaming above, and it's just as impressive as the first half. These tracks really get reinvented in ways that are difficult to describe. Some moments are cold and ambient, and others are fun and funky. The tracks being remixed here include "Klink," "Cut Throat," "Culture Shock," "5D," "Thru the Walls," "Known For It," and "Blood Creepin."

Download this track and the entire Greetings collection for free over at Noise Trade.