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Minbosses- Brass 2: Mouth

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Wow, this is a bit of a blast from my past. About seven or eight years ago, I went through a stage in my musical trajectory where I was a little obsessed with video game soundtracks. Of course, this bled into becoming a fan of video game cover bands like the NESkimos and, of course, the Minibosses.

It's been a while since I've had a reason to listen to this band, but it seems they've got a new album out titled Brass 2: Mouth, which is the sequel to an album they dropped earlier this year.

Am I in love with this stuff as much as I used to be? Probably not. I'm not an overly nostalgic guy. Still, these guys put together some fun covers. Everything from Zelda to Excitebike gets covered. There's even a vinyl edition of the album being sold on the band's Bandcamp.

So, if you're going to dive into this album, get ready to face your past. And if you're too young to have grown up in their era of video gaming, then just get ready to hear an instrumental rock band that sounds a lot like the Fucking Champs.