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The Mars Volta- "Zed And Two Naughts"

New MusicNicholas Kindrachuk2 Comments

The Mars Volta has released another new song from its upcoming LP. With the tracks released so far, this one included, they seem to have found a new focus, and that focus seems is far less self-indulgent. There is something immediately accessible about this song, but it still maintains the progressive and experimental edge that The Mars Volta is known for. The vocals keep their emotion, but this time around the lyrics are at least somewhat decipherable. Musically, they do a fantastic job of building with steady, kick-heavy drumming and bright synthesizers. It builds wonderfully into the chorus where the guitars and keys combine to create an interesting sonic swirl.

The jam at the climax shows just how much the band has tightened up its sound. The forthcoming Mars Volta album, Noctourniquet, is set to release on March 27th.