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Killer Milke- "Don't Die" (LOVED)

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After dropping a few tracks from it, I have to say the forthcoming Killer Mike, El-P collaboration, R.A.P. Music, is one of my most anticipated hip hop albums this year. It's placed second only by Death Grips, of course.

This latest track from the Mike-rapped and El-P-produced album goes back to that age old tension between MCs and cops., and it's a dynamic that doesn't feel as extreme as it did during the days of NWA. In fact, I'd say it's been toned down ever since Jay-Z casually told off an officer looking to search his vehicle in "99 Problems."

Mike seems to be conscious the relationship is changing, so he's responded with a track that progresses like an action movie loaded with explosions and gun spray. Yeah, it's pretty exaggerated, building Mike as family man who is on the run from the police because the government hates rap music, but being over the top is what makes this track so entertaining.

El-P's production is absolutely huge, hitting with Lecs Luger snare drums and fat, croaking bass synths. Police sirens are coming in from every direction, and the mid-range synths come through with some pretty quirky sounds, taking the edge off of the track's message a bit.

A lot like the old days of Wu-Tang, this track is rugged & raw. I'd say Mike and El-P are bringing rugged & raw to 2012 in a big way. Stream the song above and look for R.A.P. music on the 15th. Scope the cover below: