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Lorn- "Diamond" & "Weigh Me Down"

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Streaming below are two videos from the new Lorn album, Ask the Dust. The electronic music producer's sophomore effort is out now via Ninja Tune. I talked about this album a bit on a Y U NO REVIEW segment, saying that I was impressed with the improved production from Lorn on this new release. Ask the Dust is definitely a step up in texture, and combines sounds both beautiful and rough for a really nice atmosphere. My qualms with the album, though, sat mostly with the sequencing of the rhythms and synths on the track, which I thought could have been a bit more detailed.

While I still feel that way to an extent, I'm pretty impressed with the two videos available below, and I have to admit the sounds I already thought were great are starting to fill in the enjoyment gaps left by the lack of, well, I guess, complexity, in some of these instrumentals.

To get back to the videos at hand, both are visually appealing, with one making more of a social statement than the other. Of course, I'm referring to the very dark, depressing "Weigh Me Down," which takes a shot at cookie-cutter culture. On the other side of the spectrum is "Diamond," which feels way more abstract, surreal, and dreamlike in its visual content.

Both feature beautiful animations that have a bit of 8-bit chic to them. Boss stuff!