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Monolithium- "Bounce 4 Life"

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Some glossy, busy, and futuristic footwork grooves come through on this new Monolithium track, "Bound For Life." It's the title track to new EP Error Broadcast is releasing on Dec. 10th. Here's the track list:

1. Bounce 4 Life 2. Lancashire Hammer 3. Pavillionaire (feat. Prison Garde) 4. Spiral Face 5. Sleepy Beauty 7. Bounce 4 Life (Ryan Hemsworth Remix) 7. Bounce 4 Life (KingThing Remix) 8. Bounce 4 Life (H-SIK Dub)

There are plenty of layers and sonic elements to this number. Almost too many to name, really. There are jutting electro synth chords; a chopped and looped vocal sample; and there are some watery, reverbed synth leads coasting on this difficult-to-keep-track-of beat as well.

Hyper-fast, pretty, and radical all at once.