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Mogwai - "Remurdered"

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Famed post-rock outfit Mogwai has been undergoing some pretty big changes on their last few albums, and it's lead to some hits and some misses. However, I've never known a band like Mogwai to fold under the pressure of critical reception, and the band's next album could make for a pretty controversial move for them considering how surprising this first track to drop from it is. "Remurdered" takes the same slow-burning approach one would expect from a Mogwai song, but the band's sound here is heavily reliant on synths! It's a pretty big change from the usual layers of guitars that tend to lead the way, but I'm not really finding this track any less interesting from a compositional standpoint, honestly.

This track comes from Mogwai's forthcoming album on Sub Pop Records titled Rave Tapes. The album is looking at a January 21st release! Enjoy!